Dashboard Overview

The following provides a detailed example of the dashboard of a standard user with one property.  Note that the dashboard will look similar for users with multiple properties or portfolio editors.

Home page after logging into the system:

This screen above provides access to navigate back to this page (Home), search for help documentation or reach out and create a help ticket (Help), update the user password and other contact information (in Settings) and log out (Logout).  

Clicking the home icon on the home page (the white house set against a blue background) will take you to the home page of the indicated property.  In this case, we only have one property, PG Uptown (Demo).  You will also see two columns of numbers for At Property and Needs Review. These are shortcut filters that will take you to those corresponding validation types on the home page of the property.  

After clicking on the home icon you should see a screen like below. Note that it defaults to 'validated' listings.  Clicking either of the options in the image above (At Property or Needs Review) will just filter out listings to only those types.  A related article covering property types is included in this article. 

Also at the top of the page is a button to upload a new rent roll (which we recommend doing monthly).  Details on how to upload a rent roll are included as a related article.  Below the large blue 'Batch Upload Rent Roll' button is the ability to view the rent roll data for this property.

'View Validated Images', next to the Ignore filter, will allow you to view all images from validated listings as well as upload any new images to be included with the property.  For more information on how these images are used, please see the Validated Images article.

The 'Active' icon next to the listing title, Uptown Hi-rise 2/2 Pamaramic views and Cable, identifies the property as a current, live listing on the short term rental platform (i.e. AirBnB). If this icon is not present for the listing then it's currently not active on the short term rental platform. 

For the example listing above, with the name 'Uptown Hi-rise 2/2 Pamaramic views and you will see an estimated distance to your property and a simple map.  We also display the type of listing and basic bed/bath information.  The specific actions you can take on a listing depend on the listing type, but for this example (Potential Listings) we can see that the listing has not been validated.  As a user, I can watch ("save") or ignore the property.  If I want to view detailed information about the property I can click 'View More Information' where I will see much more data on the property.  

Validated listings appear in the daily notification reports, which can also be viewed in the Notifications tab.  

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