Property Types

There are two potential types of properties you may see on your home page of listings (example below from a demo property).

At Property: this is a new listing that has been confirmed by Talos and a member of our team (depending on your plan) as a positive match at your property.

Needs Review: these are listings that have been identified as possible matches but need further evaluation by Talos and a member of our team (depending on your plan)

Not at Property: these listings are only viewable from the dashboard and capture nearby listings not located at your property. 

You can click the corresponding number under At Property or Needs Review to go directly to those listings. You can also access these listings through the property dashboard by clicking on the home button (blue background with the white house) next to your property name. This will take you to your property dashboard. From here click on the Listings button to view those At Property or Needs Review. 

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