Daily Report

Within 24 hours of a listing being validated as belonging to your community, you will receive an email.  This email may have one or more listings depending on the volume of traffic your property is seeing.

Regardless of how many listings, it will look something like this:

There is some more information about each item in this report.

  1. The house icon with the checkbox lets you know we think this person is renting at your location.  It is also a clickable link to the actual listing on the short term rental site.
  2. The link under 'snapshot' will take you directly to the listing within your dashboard.
  3. The Notify Host button will reach out to Property Guard and have us contact the STR on your behalf to stop the listing from being active.  This is most effective when you do not have an exact address for the host.
  4. The Host Name is the name provided by the STR site.
  5. The Talos score for that individual listing.  More information on Talos can be found in the related article.
  6. Want to see all of the data?  Click 'View Full Report' and you will be taken to more data on any listings that appear.
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