Logging In

Want to log into the system?  Assuming you have been granted access to view a property, it is very easy to get into the system and view results.  Be sure to see our article about users if you have questions about what type of access you might have.

Option 1 - Full User Access.  If you are a full user in our system, enter your email address and password to access the dashboard.  You should receive a welcome email explaining how Property Guard works and giving you a personal link to set your password.

If you forget your password you can have a one-time log in emailed to you to reset it.

Hint: if you want to change your password in the future, just click 'settings' from the top page of our system (regardless of how you accessed it)

Option 2 - Notification-Only Access.  If you only receive notification emails, you do not have the ability to log into the dashboard.  Contact your admin or Property Guard if you would like to receive full access.  See 'Adding Users' for different user types.

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