Adding Users

There are three types of users that you, as a client, have at your disposal.

  1. Notification emails: this is not a true user in our system but will get emailed copies of the notification reports discussed in our help section.  They will not be able to see any incoming listings or the dashboard.  This can be great for board members or similar.  Note that these users do not have accounts in the Property Guard system so there is no way to reset a password or gain access to the Property Guard dashboard other than the emails that they receive.
  2. A User. This user can get all notifications (as above) but can also see the property listings and review historical reports from the dashboard.  They can validate and edit listings but not the actual property itself.  They cannot adjust who gets notification emails.
  3. An Editor: think of this as the more regional administrator (if applicable).  An editor has all of the abilities of a user, but can also get weekly portfolio reports and can adjust who gets notification emails.  In future versions of our application, the editor will get purpose-built dashboards at a regional view.
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