Compliance Center

The properties that are actively tracking short term rentals through a permit and/or registration process will have access to the Compliance Center from the Property Guard dashboard. If this is a feature you are interested in, please reach out to the Property Guard team directly. 

The compliance center is accessed from your dashboard by clicking on the 'compliance' link.

Here you'll see a consolidated list of the validated listings for your community. These are listings that have been reviewed by Talos and confirmed to be a match by a member of the Property Guard team. 

This screen is where you'll link the permit that was created through the 'Permits / Registration ' page to the listing. To link a permit click on the 'Link' button. This will bring up a list of permits issued for the property. Find the corresponding permit which can be identified by resident name, permit number or expiration date and click the 'connect' button. This will link the permit to the listing and change the Compliance emoji to a checkmark. 

Compliance Key:

⌛Expired permit

✔️ Active Permit and in compliance

❌Active listing that is not in compliance. A non-compliant listing means that the listing is active but the permit has not been linked. 

Rows that are highlighted in red identify permits that are Expired.

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