Factors Effecting Listing Volume

There are a number of reasons why the volume (and/or density) of listings at a particular location can change over any given timeframe.  Based on our experience, we've listed the top 5 reasons below.  These are in order from most general to most specific.

  1. General seasonality

Travelers will tend to travel during longer breaks (summer, spring, fall, etc.).  As a general rule, if hotels or other options in your area charge a higher rate during any given time period, you are likely to have more short term rentals.  Those traveling without families will also tend to travel more during these time periods, but for different reasons (coincident business plans as an example).

  2. Timing of major events
Any type of major sporting or music event (national, regional or even local) will draw tourists from up to several hundred miles away.  Many people traveling for sports, festivals or conferences will also want to 'unique experiences' which often include staying at a short term rental. 
  3. Rise/decline of other rental options
Short term rental volume can be effected when other hotels/convention centers are opened, transitioned, or closed.  There is always some elasticity in the rental market and short term rentals are no exception: those looking for a place to stay, whether for business or pleasure, will tend to invest time to find the best overall value for their targeted experience.
  4. Recent local news/regulations 
Regulations at a city or HOA level (including the ability to enforce those regulations) may affect the decisions of local residents to host on short term rental sites.  If your area's regulations are tighter, then hosts from other areas will have a greater influx of renters.  The opposite can be said if your regulations are less strict.
  5. Use of Property Guard
Residents usually talk to other residents, and we have seen declines in average listing volumes for properties that use monitoring systems like Property Guard and have enforcement actions posted for residents.  This is logical, as often the apartments in very close proximity to the same amenities do not have restrictions and thus are more desirable for renters.
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